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Fire & Emergency Lighting

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Fire and Emergency Lighting

Fire and Emergency Lighting

Fire and Emergency Lighting is a leading independent maintenance provider for all types of fire detection & alarm systems, alarm management systems and other specialist life safety systems to organizations operating in a wide range of market sectors including Healthcare, education, retail , government, manufacturing, transport and commercial, Gas Detection, Call Refuge Systems, Fire Suppression Systems, Smoke Vents, Fire Extinguishers, Man Down Systems, Water Detection, Public Address Systems and Nurses Call

Fire Safety Training Emergency Lighting IS3217 With the possibility of standard lighting failing and visibility becoming poor in the event of an emergency situation, it is vital that fire exits can be seen during a fire in order to allow staff and visitors to evacuate the premises.

Design a system that’s tailored exactly to your building.

Install all fittings, including wall or ceiling mounted lights & central test units Regular test and maintain the system Energy saving lighting & Control System Member of LIA, Safe Electric, PSA & NSAI

Fire & Emergency Lighting
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What We Do

Emergency Lighting Standard

Emergency Lighting Standard IS3217

Fire & Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting Cork

Emergency lighting is vital in ensuring occupants of a building can make a swift exit should the normal supply of lighting fail during an emergency. We supply, install and maintain emergency lighting systems for customers nationwide, with all emergency lighting products up to EN60598-2-22 standard. We source all of our emergency lighting products from trusted suppliers in order to guarantee their quality and offer them at an affordable price.

For more information on our Emergency Lighting systems, get in contact with us.

Fire Alarm IS3218

Fire & Emergency Lighting

Fire Suppressors Cork

We stock a complete range of fire suppressions systems, with options of dry chemical fire suppressors and/or wet agent fire suppressors available. Our team of fully qualified, highly skilled technicians are able to design, install and maintain fire suppression systems for all types of industries and requirements.

Our fire suppression systems are suitable for:

IT Server Rooms

Switch Rooms

High Value Storage Areas

Electronic Equipment Rooms

Commercial Kitchens

Any Premises Which Features A Lot Of Electrical Equipment

For more information on our Fire Suppressors systems, get in contact with us.

Fire & Emergency Lighting

Fire Alarms Cork

At Fire & Emergency Lighting we have an extensive range of analog addressable and conventional fire alarm systems available, all of which come with full certification to enable you to meet your legal requirements. Our fire alarms provide early detection and warning when fires break out, helping to save lives and protect assets.

Analog Addressable Fire Alarms
Analog addressable fire alarm systems are the preferred choice for most of our customers as they add more flexibility, intelligence, speed of fire identification and precise location. These fire alarm systems are simple to install and control.

Conventional Fire Alarms
We also have a complete range of conventional fire alarms available, delivering early warning in cases where a fire breaks out. Conventional fire alarm systems are less expensive than the analog addressable fire alarm systems.

For more information on our Fire Alarms systems, get in contact with us.

Fire & Emergency Lighting

Fire Extinguishers Cork

Fire & Emergency Lighting stocks a comprehensive range of fire extinguishers, all of which have been manufacture to European standard EN3. We supply water, foam, dry powder and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. In addition, our technicians can also provide a maintenance service after we have installed your new fire extinguishers to ensure they are always ready to use in case of an emergency.

For more information on our Fire Extinguishers, get in contact with us.

Fire & Emergency Lighting

Smoke Ventilation Cork

Fire & Emergency Lighting supply, install and maintain quality smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems for customers nationwide, with options to suit all types of requirements. Our smoke ventilation systems provide both smoke and day-to-day ventilation and are compliant with all relevant standards and regulations.

For more information on our Smoke Ventilation systems, get in contact with us.

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Fire & Emergency Lighting

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